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‘London’s biggest mechanical job goes ahead, there are new innovations in lighting control and security, punctuality is key for tradespeople and MP’s praise new gas safety technology’


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London’s biggest mechanical services job goes ahead in London Docklands

Canary Wharf Contractors has signed up M&E specialist SES to deliver shell and core mechanical services to the 27 floors of the One Bank Street office scheme in London Docklands.

The win represents a major milestone for SES’ London and South East operation since Wates took control of the former Shepherd M&E business.

Use of BIM and offsite manufacture was critical to the firm winning the job.

David Jenkins, SES Regional Director, London and South East, said: “This year is a hugely exciting time for our London and South East operation and the growth of our business is down to our teams’ exemplary work and innovative offsite approach.”

SES will be the lead co-ordinator for the main mechanical plant rooms including associated floors on the project and will provide converted consultant models to all other trade contractors, working closely with Canary Wharf Contractors to fulfil the BIM requirements on the project.

Within a tight programme, SES will utilise its engineering expertise and dedicated offsite manufacturing facility, Prism to design and deliver nearly 100 bespoke HEX units in addition to pumps skids and pre-fabricated pipework.

London's biggest mechanical services job goes ahead in London Docklands

London’s biggest mechanical services job goes ahead in London Docklands

Source: http://www.constructionenquirer.com/2017/04/10/ses-bags-biggest-london-mechanical-services-job/

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The future of lighting control

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is presenting an event about the future of lighting controls.

Presented by Sophie Parry of the Zumtobel group,  the event will cover the evolution of lighting controls through to artificial light output being reduced to ‘blend’ both components to meet the lighting performance objective.

Lighting controls have been in existence for many years now, and can comprise anything from a manually operated one-way switch to an external sensor array that monitors the position of the sun; adjusting internal lighting to mimic its colour temperature and harness natural light levels.

Electric lighting control will, in the next few years, change profoundly as new technologies and concepts such as the Internet of Things, Li-Fi and PoE lighting appear.

So, as designers and specifiers must be aware of the current thinking for the specification and validation of lighting controls, contractors need to be ready to understand and assess the next generation of lighting control technologies that are just over the horizon.

This talk is designed to benchmark current thinking and best practice as a foundation and then to look at the future and what that might bring in the form of new lighting control technology.

About the speaker

Sophie Parry is a qualified electrical engineer and after initially working in general building services, specialised in low voltage/ digital control systems, smoke/fire detection and emergency lighting for many years before re-visiting lighting in 2010, just as the LED lighting revolution started to gain momentum.

She is a member of the Society of Light & Lighting and also a member of the SLL technical & publications committee. She is a published author on the subject of lighting control and speaks on lighting and lighting controls at regional, national and international events.

Sophie works for the Zumtobel group and develops specifications for lighting schemes that typically require an integrated approach to lighting solutions, including luminaires, controls and interfacing to other services.

Programme details:

Date: Wednesday, 7th June 2017

Time: 19:15 Arrival and registration 19:30

Start location: The Adelaide pub, Park Road, Teddington, TW11 0AU

Registration information

Please visit this link to register online and reserve a free place.

The future of lighting control

The future of lighting control

Source: http://www.electricaltimes.co.uk/news/story/the-future-of-lighting-controls

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Punctuality is most influential when hiring tradespeople

Punctuality is the single most desirable quality that homeowners look for in a tradesperson, according to new research by Plentific.com

The home services marketplace’s latest survey also revealed that 81% feel they are more likely to hire a tradesperson who can talk them through the process of their project.

Communication as well as organisation appear to dominate the list of most desirable qualities, which shows how much homeowners value professionalism when hiring the trades. According to the results, 78% are more likely to hire a tradesperson if they send through a professional quote, while 69% are more likely to choose a tradesperson if they create a solid schedule.

Appearances ranked nearer the bottom of the list, with a ‘modern, clean and professional looking van’ only influencing 47% of homeowners, and a branded uniform influencing just 22%. Sitting at the bottom of the table, a tradesperson’s age has the lowest impact on the homeowner’s likelihood of hiring, regardless of whether they are older (19%) or younger (7%).

Looking at the results by location, a tradesman’s punctuality has the highest influence in Sheffield and Edinburgh, with 91% of local respondents admitting they were more likely to hire someone with this quality.

London displays similar preferences to the national average. Punctuality, talking through the process of a job and responding promptly in communication all share the top spot, with 83% of respondents calling them the most desirable qualities for an installer to have.

Spokesperson for Plentific, Stephen Jury, said: “While all of these qualities can help a tradesman get hired, it is clear from our findings that appearances make less of an impact on a homeowner’s decisions. Organisation is key: arriving on time, being prompt in communication and generally having a polite and positive manner will make potential clients more likely to hire a tradesperson.

“To improve the odds of hiring, tradespeople should focus more on their schedule, process and attitude before spending their well-earned money on appearances!”

Punctuality is most influential when hiring tradespeople

Punctuality is most influential when hiring tradespeople

Source: http://hvpmag.co.uk/news/fullstory.php/aid/4748/Punctuality_is__most_influential__when_hiring_tradespeople.html

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Introducing the new connected video internal until for greater security and control

For end users seeking a modern answer to greater security in their home, Legrand has expanded its Bticino Classe 300 range, with the addition of the Classe 300X connected video internal unit.

Using integrated Wi-Fi connectivity and a standard 2-wire installation, the connected video internal unit is easy to install and suitable for both new developments and the replacement of existing 2-wire devices. What’s more, the unit is easily connected and configured via the home’s Wi-Fi network, and is ideal for single properties or multi-dwelling apartment complexes.

Featuring a 7” touch screen display, the Classe 300X provides a modern solution for door entry, with the added benefit of connecting to wider functions and extra services, such as security cameras or lights. With the ability to transform every house to a connected home, the Bticino Classe 300X provides a gateway for the end user to stay in constant contact with their property, for added peace of mind.

Communication between a smart phone and the video internal unit is possible via an app. Free to download, the Door Entry app can be configured in just a few simple steps enabling control of the system from anywhere in the world. Currently available on Android and iOS smartphones, the app has been designed with the end user in mind, featuring simple and familiar controls as well as a help button if required.

Richard Hayward, lead marketing manager for Legrand’s wiring devices business unit, commented: “What truly sets the Bticino system apart is its ease of installation and ease of use. A simple connection to the Wi-Fi network and a straightforward 2-wire installation, make the system an accessible addition to the modern home. The Bticino Classe 300X acts as the ideal entry point for smart home functionality, thanks to its simple installation and the potential to add additional functionality and services.”

For further information about Legrand’s door entry and home automation solutions please visit www.legrand.co.uk

Introducing the new connected video internal until for greater security and control

Introducing the new connected video internal until for greater security and control

Source: http://www.electricaltimes.co.uk/news/story/introducing-the-new-connected-video-internal-unit-for-greater-security-and-control–home-and-away

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New homes can now be built in just five days

Construction giants H+H UK Ltd and SIG Offsite have launched a new house building system which sees homes built in just five days.

The SIG I-House combines all the speed of offsite construction with the familiarity of a traditional build – from foundations to roof in just five days.

The system can encompass the inner leaves of external cavity walls, floors, lintel, cavity closers, insulation and roof trusses.

With the inclusion of soffit and fascia, the system delivers the internal skin of a property, fully wrapped and ready for follow-on trades.

The system is a one stop shop for clients – with a single contractor required to deliver the whole house shell.

It is intended for the construction of domestic houses of up to two storey height, replacing the structure of the inner leaf of external cavity walls, separating walls and internal partitions with storey height Celcon Elements.

Installed by the SIG Offsite team, Celcon Elements are craned into place and fixed using H+H element mortar.

Timber I-Joist cassette floors are used in conjunction with the system to maintain the speed of build and roofs are either standard truss construction or the ‘Roofspace I-Roof’ – panelised roof system.

All components are raised into position by crane.

New homes can now be built in just five days

New homes can now be built in just five days

Source: http://www.constructionenquirer.com/2017/04/06/new-homes-can-now-be-built-in-just-five-days/

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Survey says homeowners want outdoor lighting to make homes more attractive to buyers

Rather than wanting to blend in, homeowners want impact from outdoor lighting to increase the curb-appeal of their home, a European-wide study from Philips Lighting has revealed.

Outdoor lighting is a key consideration when buying a home for nearly half of Europeans (45%) – beating the type of windows, roof or paintwork of a house, as a consideration.

While one third of all Europeans agree that outdoor lighting has a significant impact on the appeal of a home.
Setting the right scene
The study of more than 7,000 adults across five European countries – Germany, UK, France, the Netherlands and Spain – also emphasised the importance of lighting up outdoor spaces to create the right mood, inside and outside the home.

Two thirds (65%) of those surveyed agree that outdoor lighting in the garden adds to the overall atmosphere of a home.

The Spanish place the most value on outdoor lighting for setting the perfect scene, with over 80% agreeing outdoor lighting adds to a home’s ambiance.

While in the North of Europe, many believe the opposite, with nearly half (43%) of Britons disagreeing that outdoor lighting adds to creating the right mood.

“Outdoor lighting can often be overlooked but it is key to showing off your home the way it was meant to be seen at nighttime, and can be used to highlight the most attractive aspects, whether you’re viewing from inside the home, or out.

Purchasing outdoor lights which use LED modules or LED lightbulbs, such as Philips LED outdoor lighting, is also a great value-add for the property owner, with the short-term investment paying dividends in the long-run,” commented Bianca Heiszwolf, leader of Philips Lighting Home Luminaires.
From scenes to safety
Outdoor lighting around a home is also proven to create a sense of security. The research found that 73% of Europeans feel a home is safer to approach with lighting in the front garden.

The older generation places the most emphasis on outdoor lighting for a sense of safety, versus the younger generations – 77% of those older than 55 years old agree outdoor lighting makes you feel safer, versus only 69% of those under 35 years old.
Increasing the value of a home
All surveyed countries agreed a home’s fabled ‘curb-appeal’ improves greatly with outdoor lighting; around half of respondents are more likely to purchase a home that has outdoor lighting either at the front of the house (51%) or in the garden (48%).

It is also a stronger consideration for younger generations – with over half (53%) of 18-35 years olds stating outdoor lighting would make them more likely to buy a home, versus only 46% of those older than 45 years old.

When it comes to purchase power, the Spanish again responded more favorably than other Europeans, with around three-quarters of adults saying they are more likely to buy a home with outdoor lighting featured in the front (77%) or in the garden (74%).

Conversely, the UK sits at the other end of the scale, with less than two in five (36%) respondents saying they’re more likely to purchase a home with outdoor lighting.

Housing expert, Sam Mitchell of Rightmove, the UK’s largest property portal, commented: “First impressions are everything on viewings, which is why outdoor lighting could be worth considering, as it can be used to help change the look of the exterior of a home, especially if you are conducting viewings in the evening. There are also many other factors to think about when preparing your home to sell it; such as decluttering, spending a bit of money giving the place a lick of paint, or considering larger works like refurbishing the kitchen or extending the property.”
LED lighting perfect for any outdoor space
For those looking to improve their ‘curb-appeal’, Philips LED outdoor lights come in a variety of shapes, sizes and look and feel.

The Philips Hoverfly outdoor wall light is perfect for those who are looking for industrial chic. While the Philips AfterGlow LED outdoor wall light is a great way to emphasize a feature wall or plant. Alternatively for bold, stand-out lights, the Philips Shadow LED outdoor wall light is the perfect choice.

All these lights are available now.

Survey says homeowners want outdoor lighting to make homes more attractive to buyers

Survey says homeowners want outdoor lighting to make homes more attractive to buyers

Source: http://www.electricaltimes.co.uk/news/story/new-research-reveals-outdoor-lighting-makes-homes-more-attractive-to-buyers

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It’s time to think ‘Installers First’

Over the past few weeks, the industry has experienced a certain unity among installers, with plumbers and engineers from all over uniting over social media to make their voices heard.

Now, a new division, ‘Installers First,’ has been launched for Gas Safe engineers. Led by HHIC director, Stewart Clements, the aim is provide engineers with a voice. It’s free to register and independently operated. It also has some Gas Safe installers on board supporting it, and works alongside Installers Unite, with a shared goal of improving the industry for the better.

Stewart said: “We need to communicate with each other, with the government, with manufacturers, and anyone else who has an influence on our livelihood. How can we do this? Well, the reality is that we must remain aware of and be prepared to respond to, a variety of changes from external factors. Government policy, European legislation, building regulations, gas safety, the list goes on.

“It has never been more important for everyone in the industry to get involved and provide a constructive contribution, and by that, I don’t mean twitter. A well-crafted, well timed tweet may get you admiration from your peers for 20 seconds if you’re lucky, but in terms of helping to affect actual change that impacts your business, it’s about as useful as waterproof tea bags.

“Coming together like we have in recent months is just the beginning. If we are to be properly heard we need links and influences. The good news is that ‘Installers First’ can provide those links and influences, it costs nothing to be a part of it and the benefits are immeasurable.”

What is Installers First?

‘Installers First’ is a community of Professional Accredited Heating Installers. The voice of installers, for installers, by installers.

Stewart continued: “It’s very early days for us, but the response we have received so far shows how passionate the industry is about being heard and making improvements. As with any industry, opinion will differ. Our job is to manage that and bring the industry together with a common goal that everyone can support. Common sense is key.”

It provides installers with information and an opportunity to help shape the industry, government regulation and policy, making sure common sense and the voice of the industry is applied and listened to.

‘Installers First’ was created to provide a platform for Installers to have their say and a single point of information on the latest industry developments. This includes government consultations for proposed legislation, regulation and schemes like Energy Company Obligation and Green Deal.

‘Installers First’ has gathered industry feedback over the past few months and identified three key ambitions:

• Training and skills
• Bureaucracy
• Safety and standards

‘Installers First’ will be on stand P320 at Installer 2017 to present its official launch.

Visit: www.installersfirst.co.uk for more information.

It's time to think 'Installers First'

It’s time to think ‘Installers First’

Source: http://www.hpmmag.com/news/time-think-installers-first

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MP’s praise new gas safety technology from Gas Tag

Gas Tag’s efforts to use technology to improve gas safety in homes across the UK have been recognised in parliament, as new research reveals the safety of millions of Britons is still at risk.

George Howarth MP has tabled an Early Day Motion (EDM) praising Gas Tag and calling on landlords and social housing providers to support the “life-saving initiative”.

The company’s technology allows engineers to sign-in by touching their mobile against a special tag when they visit a registered property, providing the landlord with geo-tagged, time-stamped and photo-verified evidence of all work carried out.

It’s the first real-time system to monitor gas safety in homes and means landlords can access real-time KPI-driven monitoring to ensure their tenants are safe.

The EDM “commends Gas Tag for its work to improve the safety and wellbeing of tenants” and calls on private and public sector organisations involved in procuring safety systems to “use their best endeavours to ensure they are sourced from UK businesses such as Gas Tag”. The EDM can be read in full here.

The support from Mr Howard comes as new research by the Gas Safe Register has revealed that almost five million people across the UK are putting themselves at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning, gas leaks, fires and explosions by employing illegal gas engineers who aren’t properly qualified.

The technology has also drawn praise from the Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group Barry Sheerman MP, who said: “This is the most significant quantum leap in domestic gas safety compliance in 20 years. It is refreshing to see a start-up begin with a clean slate and use the latest technologies to deliver a product that could help protect hundreds of thousands of families across the UK and ensure competent Gas Safe-registered engineers undertake the work in customers’ homes.”

Paul Durose, co-founder and CEO of Gas Tag, said: “We set out in 2014 with a single-minded goal to save people from the dangers of rogue gas fitters and revolutionise the industry. This latest research reveals just how important gas safety is.

“We are pleased that our work has been recognised by George Howarth and a number of cross-party MPs who appreciate our determination to improve gas safety in homes across the UK.”

MP's praise new gas safety technology from Gas Tag

MP’s praise new gas safety technology from Gas Tag

Source: http://hvpmag.co.uk/news/fullstory.php/aid/4739/MPs_praise_new_gas_safety_technology_from_Gas_Tag.html

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Select to launch new SQA course in electrical safety

Select, the campaigning trade body for the electrotechnical industry in Scotland, is to introduce a major new customised course in electrical safety which will relate to the most current aspects of safety awareness in the sector.

The new Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) course is in development at the moment and is likely to be launched as a pilot in the third quarter of this year before full introduction. With safety a key concern in the industry, it will be aimed primarily at contractors, as well as managers and personnel within these firms who have a responsibility for ensuring safe operations. To be called the Select SQA Customised Award in Electrical Safety, the course will run over two and a half days and will initially be held at Select’s HQ at the Walled Garden outside Edinburgh, though thereafter it will be rolled out across Scotland.

Dave Forrester, head of technical services at Select who runs the organisation’s training department, said: “Those involved in safety management want to stay in front of regulation and technical developments.” “This new course will be part of our ongoing development programme for courses which is aimed at continually improving our training offering by looking at demand and responding proactively to what is new in the industry.” Forrester said that obtaining SQA accreditation was a rigorous process involving strict audits of all the course material, all assessments and all methods of assessment.

Before implementation, the course will also have to achieve a credit rating from the Scottish Credits and Qualifications Framework, the national body which both audits and benchmarks new courses. It is hoped the accreditation processes can be run concurrently. The first day of the course will concentrate on Construction, Design and Management Regulations and Risk Assessment; day two will deal with Safe Isolation of electrical systems; with day three covering the laws relating to environment and waste management. Forrester said: “As well as using some of our existing material, we have employed expert consultants to create entirely new course work.

The inspiration for the course has been the work of former HSE principal electrical inspector John Madden, who wrote Electrical Safety and the Law, the industry bible on electrical safety. “The SQA course in electrical safety is the latest initiative from SELECT. The organisation’s courses have gained a strong reputation within the construction sector in Scotland, because they are relevant, practical and based on the experience of some of the foremost experts in the field.”

Select to launch new SQA course in electrical safety

Select to launch new SQA course in electrical safety

Source: http://www.electricalreview.co.uk/news/11328-select-to-launch-new-sqa-course-in-electrical-safety

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Developer submits plans for a £300m mixed-use tower block scheme in Manchester

Developer Ask Real Estate has submitted plans for a £300m mixed-use tower block scheme in Manchester.

The 750,000 sq ft city centre scheme will include a 40-storey residential building and 14-storey office block on a 1.74 acre site near to the Beetham Tower.

The residential tower will be built on a podium on top of the Manchester Central goods yard, which needs to stay operational during construction.

Plans include significant improvements for pedestrians along Great Bridgewater Street by removing sections of an existing bridge to allow natural light down to street level.

ohn Hughes, Ask managing director, said: “Our scheme will be a visionary development, something which only a few years ago, would have been almost impossible to imagine happening outside of London.
“The huge levels of investment we have seen into Manchester’s infrastructure coupled with efforts by the Universities to attract and retain talent has seen an upturn in graduate retention and consequently an influx of businesses looking to establish themselves in the city centre.
“In turn this has driven demand for new hotels, retail and leisure outlets – the development of which has boosted the city’s economy.

“These factors mean it is now time for us to unlock previously hidden opportunities and the Bauer Millett showrooms is a strong example of this concept.”

Developer submits plans for a £300m mixed-use tower block scheme in Manchester

Developer submits plans for a £300m mixed-use tower block scheme in Manchester

Source: http://www.constructionenquirer.com/2017/04/12/carillion-property-arm-submits-300m-manchester-tower-plans/

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