Featured Product – Crabtree launches progressive wiring accessories range

Crabtree launches progressive wiring accessories range

Range includes over 300 new products designed for commercial installations

Crabtree, the UK-based wiring accessories company, has launched a new product range called Instinct. The range, specifically designed to improve the installation experience and aesthetics in commercial projects, contains over 300 products with new innovations and benefits within sockets, fuse connection units and data outlets.

Named for its intuitive design and clever new features, the Instinct range includes full-contact cable clamps which improve cable retention and reduce deformation in comparison to typical screw terminals. Moreover, Instinct is the only wiring accessory range to integrate LED indicators into the rocker switch and fuse drawer; this retains plate strength and creates a smooth and slimline aesthetic when both on and off.

“Instinct is the product of two years and thousands of hours of development and engineering – it’s been something of an obsession for us,” said Jim Hutchison, National Sales Manager at Crabtree. “The accessories offer big benefits to specifiers, designers and installers, and we are already seeing a lot of interest from across the commercial building sector.”

Other progressive features include upward-facing inline terminals that make the product easy to install. This innovative connection layout, with all terminal screws facing up towards the installer, improves installation times because there is no need to rotate or twist the accessory – making for a more reliable connection method.

Additionally, the Instinct socket outlets go above and beyond British safety standards. Containing multipin safety shutters, this ensures a socket’s live and neutral pins remain closed unless the earth pin is operated. This succeeds in preventing access to the power supply unless using a BS1363 plug top. Meanwhile, to combat the risk of electrical fault associated with the use of fake or unofficial smartphone chargers that lack necessary insulation, the range has incorporated USB charging outlets into fixed installations. This does not only eradicate the risk of electrical fault but guarantees charger performance.

Instinct was designed with slick technology and a seamless appearance. “The range boasts slimline plates with soft curves, smooth lines and contoured profiles – details that look great and fit naturally into any environment,” continued Hutchison. “We’re extremely proud of the innovations at work within the range, both aesthetically and functionally – it’s a testament to the passion and expertise of our people.”

The range challenges the previously stagnant wiring accessory conventions in commercial installations with its new developments. Crabtree believes this new range will provide specifiers with a much-needed element of choice when it comes to sourcing their wiring accessories.

For more information on the Instinct range click here.

Source: http://www.electricaltrademagazine.co.uk/content/acting-instinct-crabtree-launches-progressive-wiring-accessories-range

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