Secure Estimating from Hotcost Limited

Secure estimating from Hotcost Limited

Understanding the tender documentation is essential for any project and is a must for any estimator. Some aspects of the requirements may be very familiar but others may be new and sometimes pioneering.

It is therefore vital for estimators to be alert and knowledgeable. An estimator needs to expect the unexpected and they need to be knowledgeable enough to know instinctively how to deal with all requirements of the project.

And that is all of our estimators here at Hotcost. Because we work continuously in the field of estimating, we have daily knowledge and experience of all type and size of project across the UK and beyond.

With up-to-the-minute costs and vast experience taken into consideration when providing a detailed estimate for our clients, it’s no wonder our clients can be secure in the knowledge that their project has been estimated exactly how it should be – profitable and competitive.

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